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Symbol and Allusions of

            In the story "A Worn Path," I will explain how the symbols and the allusions contributed to the theme. A symbol and an allusion could be a person, animal or an object that stands for more than itself. An allusion is a referece to the Bible. The theme is a normal point that the writer is trying to get across to the reader by using symbols and allusions.
             In this short story "A Worn Path." there were lost of symbols and allusions that gave this story its meaning. The dove in this story is a symbol of God according to the Bible. A sparrow was in the story, which is a symbol of God's watchfulness. The buzzard is a symbol of death. The black dog can be a symbol of Satan and the hunter can be a symbol of a watchful angel.
             A quote from the short story by the old granny is "Ghost," she said sharply, "who be you the ghost of? For I have heard of nery death close by." (To Read Literature p.69) The ghost could be a symbol of the grim reaper. THe grim reaper is a symbol of death. The cornfield is an allusion of Ruth in the Bible. Ruth in the Bible means mercy. The tying of the shoen in the short story is an allusion of Chirst washing feet in the Bible. The scarecrow is another symbo of death.
             These symbols and allusions are a singificant part of the theme in "A Worn Path." The theme is charity, caring or putting others before you. This begins with the human heart to love thy neighbors, as you would have them to love you.
             In conclusion, symbols and allusions are very much part of what gives a story its meaning. They also give the reader a better understanding of a story.

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