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Three Allusions in The Kite Runner

            In the book The Kite Runner, there are three main allusions show Hassan's unfair life in this family and aggressiveness from Amir. Their relationship is depicted and expressed dramatically, such as Amir's envy toward Hassan. The first allusion, pomegranate tree, alludes Amir full into a position which was same as Eden. The second allusion, Abraham and Isaac, represents Amir and Hassan's relationship was in a way that Amir tried to sacrifice Hassan to please Baba. The last allusion is the story of Rostam and Sohrab, which was a sad truth that depicts Hassan's real identity in the family. .
             The story of Abraham and Isaac is an allusion that Amir was the same as Abraham who sacrificed his son Isaac to God, like how he sacrificed Hassan to Baba. In the story, God wants to test how royal Abraham can be, so God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son to him. Then he did sacrifice his son, Isaac, to God. Related to Amir and Hassan, Amir chose to please Baba instead of treating Hassan as his friend, so that he selected to get the blue kite to tell Baba that he was the winner of kite tournament, but not to save Hassan from Assef's abusing. Evidence of why he decided in the way of sacrificing Hassan, in Amir's monologue, he said, "Maybe Hassan was the price had to pay, the lamp had to say to win Baba" "(Hosseini 82). As for Amir, he had his duel conflicts. Firstly, Amir was jealous of Hassan's tact and courage. Compared to himself, Hassan was even more similar to Baba than Amir. And Hassan got more praising from Baba. Moreover, from Amir's perspective, Hassan merely was a servant for him, but nor a brother or friend. And Hassan as a servant, not only owned intelligence, but also had power. His remarkable advantages reflected that Amir was weak. Secondly, Amir was also finding an excuse to bury his cowardice. "I ran because I was a coward. I was afraid of Assef and what he would do to me" "(82). He was totally scared and shocked at that time when he saw Hassan is insulted by Assef.

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