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Book Essay - The Kite Runner

            I have read the book The kite runner written by Kahled Hosseini. While reading the book I started thinking about the title, as I think many of the ones that read the book also does. Why did Kahled give the book this specific name and are there many reasons or only one? I am going to write an analysis out of my perspective and my opinions. According to my analyse I can see more than one signification concerning the title. The one that I think has the most to do with the book is the one where the book takes its turning point. In the books turning point the main subject and act concerns kite running.
             Before the kite contest and war in Afghanistan Amirs father, Baba, was a very important person in Kabul and he was also Amir's precious role model. Amir felt like he was a big disappointment to his father because he was not like him when it came to actions. Hassan, who was a hazara servant in Baba's house, got as much attention as Amir himself which Amir had a hard time to understand. Amir was a person of observation while Hassan was a person of acting which Baba liked very much about Hassan. This was a major part of Amir's envy of Hassan and Babas relationship. Despite the jealousy and the ethnic class difference Amir and Hassan were inseparable friends. The two friends spent time with each other everyday and shared a common interest, kite fighting. Amir was flying the kite and cut other kites off with the rope the kite is attached to, and when the kite fell off, Hassan was chasing it. Not because he was Amirs servant but for the friendship and the love of his best friend. Hassan was the best kite runner in Kabul, and seemed to know exactly where a kite will land before it came down. But one day when the great kite contest began, Amir succeeded to cut the last blue kite off its rope and he won the contest and Hassan ran off to get the coveted symbol of victory to his friend. When Amir suddenly noticed that Hassan was missing for a while he started to look for his friend.

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