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Fahrenheit 451

            451 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which paper, more specifically books,.
             As a fireman living in a futuristic city, it is Guy Montag's job to see that that is.
             exactly what happens. Ray Bradbury predicts in his novel Fahrenheit 451, that the future is.
             without literature -- everything from newspapers to novels to the Bible. Anyone caught.
             with books hidden in their home is forced out of it while the firemen force their way in.
             Then, the firemen turn the house into an inferno. With pride, montag carries out just that.
             Until one day he meets a young girl of seventeen who changes his mind about.
             everything. Clarisse McClellan knows many things that Montag has never considered. For.
             instance, she recites poetry, the ideas of great philosophers, and most importantly, facts.
             about the world's history. When she first speaks to Montag of these illicit things, he is.
             taken aback and begins to question all that he has been told. Not trusting his current.
             knowledge and cursed with a burning curiosity, Montag begins collecting books from the.
             fires. One by one he reads the books, but they make no sense to him and he looks to.
             others for help. Unfortunately, Clarisse mysteriously disappeared and is later reported.
             dead. But, Montag did not give up. .
             He soon remembers an old retired English professor, Faber, He met one year.
             earlier. Faber jumps at the chance to help Montag and together they venture into the.
             unwelcoming world to try to show others the impportance of knowing their past. In light.
             of these facts, one theme of this story, it is not necessarily the eldest who is the wisest, can.
             be found in the relationship between Clarisse and Montag. The relationship that they have.
             is somewhat difficult to figure out completely; they are so far apart in age, yet they seem.
             as if they are in love with each other, or at least with what the other has to offer. For.
             example, Montag is astounded by the information and opinions that Clarisse has to offer.

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