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Fahrenheit 451

            Imagine a future in which all books are banned and censored in an attempt to keep the human race from thinking for themselves. Such a lifestyle is depicted in the novel Fahrenheit 451 by author Ray Bradbury. Fahrenheit 451 is a futuristic tale about firefighters who set fires to houses instead of putting them out. Ray Bradbury does an amazing job of describing this futuristic world. When the name Bradbury is spoken, the thought of science fiction is usually triggered. This is because much of Bradbury's literature has to do with illusory ideas. Throughout his career, Bradbury has written over three hundred different collections, which have been translated into dozens of languages and have been made into several motion pictures. He is a popular lecturer and captivates high school and college students as well as television and radio audiences with his "wit and infectious enthusiasm" (McNelly and Neilson 749). Fahrenheit 451, which is sometimes just referred to as Fahrenheit, is one of Bradbury's most famous pieces of literature. Ray Bradbury is a twentieth-century writer who uses many different symbols and extreme changes that people and things go through to underline his main theme of censorship as well as other themes in his novel Fahrenheit 451. .
             There are many different symbols throughout the novel that can help the reader interpret Fahrenheit better. Perhaps the most obvious symbol in Fahrenheit is machinery and technology. .
             Throughout Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury expresses a pronounced distrust for technology. The various machines in the novel are depicted as chilling, impersonal gadgets of mechanized anti-culture or state control-namely the ubiquitous thimble radios and television walls, the invasive stomach pumper .
             that revives Mildred, the roaring warplanes, and the Mechanical Hound. (Stanley 102).
             Flaster 2.
             The wall televisions are TV panels that take up the entire wall space in a room.

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