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The Witness

            I noticed some differences between the book "The Old Order Amish," and the movie "The Witness". First of all, the opening scene in the movie shows a funeral with mourning people crying over the death of the woman's husband. But, according to the book, within the Amish community, everyone faces the dying process in the company of family and dies at home. For the Amish death is part of the rhythm of life and is something to be accepted, not mourned. One reason that the Amish view death in this manner is due to their strong beliefs they hold on to about the nature of life and the promise a spiritually rewarding afterlife. This belief makes the death of a loved one in the Amish community much more accepted, as well as decreasing the amount of anxiety and fear of one's own death.
             I also noticed in the movie, the boy's mother kissing her father goodbye at the train station. Amish people do not show affection in public. .
             There were orange triangles on the rear of their buggies. But the Amish do not believe in these triangles. For they represent an idol. .
             I do not believe Amish eat hotdogs either, as the movie shows them eating. I also saw a scarecrow in their fields. .
             Probably one of the most differences between the movie and reality is letting the English (John Book) live with them. The Amish do not accept outsiders. .
             The boy's mother also wore her bonnet of white outside and not the black that the Amish wear.

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