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Wounds and hopes in D.H. Lawrence

             Lawrence's Biographical Background 3.
             The Novel "Lady Chatterley's Lover- 4.
             When we read "Sons and Lovers- in our seminar I was so impressed by the psychological awareness of D.H. Lawrence that I decided to write a term paper on another of his novels: "Lady Chatterley's Lover-. .
             Reading the novel I noticed how hurt and isolated the characters are portrayed in the beginning and how dark and dismal the industrial surroundings are illustrated. Nevertheless, we can see a little simmering of hope at the end of the novel. This captured my attention and I started to focus on the wounds' of the characters, moving on to looking at what keeps them alive and by what hopes' they are driven. This is also what I will do in this paper, following the question what kind of wounds' the characters are suffering from and in what ways their hopes might lead to a possible recovery.
             In the first chapter I will start with a short glance at some important facts of D.H. Lawrence's life, as one can find some parallels in the novel. Afterwards, I would like to move on to the novel itself, giving a short summary first and taking a closer look at the three main characters, Clifford, Connie, and Mellors. Doing that, I will focus especially on their wounds', physical as well as psychic ones. This will lead us to an intermediate conclusion, comparing the characters shortly with Lawrence himself. After that I will move on to the process of a possible healing' by looking at the character's developing hopes, focussing such aspects as success and tenderness. In the final conclusion I will take everything into account and give a short assumption of what in my opinion is a possible statement of the novel. .
             Before starting with the actual paper, I would like to point out that whenever I quoted from the novel itself, I used the abbreviation LCL for "Lady Chatterley's Lover-.
             1. Lawrence's Biographical Background.
             To interpret D.

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