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Stress Managment

             I like to think of myself as someone whom handles stress in a good way most of the time. I always try to stay calm, cool, and collective no matter what situation I may be thrown into. There are some things that tend to get to me more than others however. Just like everybody sometimes things just get overwhelming. Most of the time when I find myself stressed out it is when I have not control over what is going on. If there is nothing I can do it is very frustrating to watch a something go wrong. For instance my parents decisions. I have no control over what they choose to do or not to do. .
             Nothing stresses me out more than when I have to try to explain something to my parents that they don't want to hear. It is like speaking to someone who can't speak English. I have to talk slow and repeat myself over and over again. I always feel as if they are fighting me every step of the way when I am trying to get something done with their help. My dad is the gets under my skin the most he has the worst memory in the world. I will let him know about something in advance 2-3 times and when it comes up he always seems as if it was the first he had heard of it. This stresses me out because I feel like every time we talk about something we have to start from ground zero on the subject , we can never build on a subject we previously discussed. My dad also gets to me when he tells not to do things that I know are perfectly fine such as turning the knobs in his car too fast or pushing buttons on the computer with what he thinks is excessive force. Most of the time he flat out treats me like I was born yesterday. Even though he has a bad memory I think it is a selective one because every time that I do something wrong he will always remind me about it. No matter how trivial or stupid he feels the need to remind me. The thing that angers me the second most is when my parents treat me like a little kid.

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