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Sun and Shadow Dualities

             Life is always broken down into two ways of seeing things, whether it's up or down, left or right, or the traditional good or evil, which leads to the sun and shadow dualities of life. I personally interpreted the "sun" and "shadow" as two topics of self. The "sun" side is how others see you and the "shadow" side however is how you view yourself. For example my "sun" side of my shield looks very organized, neat, and colorful with a cheetah paw at the heart of the shield. However my "shadow" side of my shield looks very jagged, messy and dark with a bear paw in the center of the shield. My sun and shadow metaphors reveal many things about me, whereas the "sun" side reveals that I am a very energetic, organized, and friendly person while my "shadow" side shows that I am a very messy, rash, and impatient person.
             My sun and shadow shields both have seven metaphors on each, which represent a personal trait about myself. For instance on my sun shield there is a cheetah paw in the center with a gold background surrounded by a red triangle. These images are appropriate for me because the cheetah is a very fast and energetic animal. Whereas people see me as a person with ample energy, and the gold background and red triangle that surrounds the paw represents how people see the wealth in me by my organization and passion for life. In addition behind the triangle there is the shape of my shield, although much smaller it is colored light blue with speckled dots showing a soft miss that leads and points to the two daisies with only seven pedals on each of the two daisies which are in the top two corners of my shield. These images represent me in a variety of ways, the first thing people see when they approach me or if I were to approach them, is that I always have a beaming smile on my face making people think I am a friendly peaceful person which is contrasted to these images on my sun shield.

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