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Stellar Life

             If I were to tell you that every second there are billions of nuclear explosions occurring and it is these explosions that keep us alive, would you believe me? Well it is true, the sun is the greatest source of energy that we know of and without it life on earth would end. The sun is just an average star in both size and temperature. It lies in the middle of the main sequence of the Hertzsprung-Russel or H-R diagram for short according to Silk (185). The sun is 93 million miles away from earth, which means that when we look at the sun or even see sunlight we are somewhat looking into the past because it takes light eight minutes to travel that distance. These may sound like big number but compared to the whole of the universe our entire galaxy might just be another white dot that we see in the night sky.
             The basic life process of stars is a very fascinating process but we may never know too much detail about it because star formation takes so long the our sun may burn out before we can witness another star forming. Stars have three basic parts to their existence birth, life, and death. This process takes billions and billions to complete. Stellar life is beyond human comprehension in both time and magnitude but what we do know is quite a fascinating process.
             A star is born; no I"m not talking about some breakthrough performance of an unknown actor or singer I am talking about actual stars like our sun. Where do stars come from? The answer is quite simple gas, dust, and the opposing forces of pressure and gravity. Stars are born from nebulae, which are huge concentrations or clouds of dust and gasses that are in our universe. Stellar birth could not be possible without gravity and pressure. These are very opposing forces, gravity pushes in and pressure pushes out. If one becomes more dominant, then the star would collapse on itself or become so large that it would simply expand back into a gas cloud.

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