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            My report is going to be all about snow. Stellar crystals, capped columns, and ice needles are all types of snowflakes. All snowflakes are six sided crystals. Also no two snowflakes are the same. Usually only alto or cirrus clouds contain snow. Or if hot air and cold air combine it may cause a heavy snowfall. If you have high winds and heavy snowfall then you can consider it a blizzard. Winds are very strong during a blizzard. .
             Snow is beautiful but it can be very dangerous. Snow also covers either permanently or temporarily 23% of the earth and the largest amount is in the polar regions. .
             The wind drifts the snow. The drifts may sometimes be huge piles of snow. Snow is constantly rearranged. .
             The largest amount of snowfall was in Lake Colorado on April 14-15 1921. A storm on February 13-19 1959 had 189"" of snow. IN 2000 upped 12"" of snow brought a halt to the whole peninsula. In 1996 20degrees and up to 12"" of snow. In 1922 a very tragic snowfall was when a theater called the Knickerbocker Theater collapsed in D.C. after 28"" of snow fell, and 98 people were killed. In Antarctica it can be so bad that they have a 30-30-30 rule and it is that when it is 30degrees below and 30 miles wind a person can only survive for 30 minutes! .
             Also sometimes when snow drifts it can drift in to a snowcap. Snow is dangerous also, when it freezes into glaciers. .
             When snow gets to heavy it can be very dangerous and slide down a mountain and that is called an avalanche it is most dangerous if someone is on the mountain at the time because it has caused many deaths of many different people. That is when an avalanche is most dangerous. What you are about to read is an article found in a newspaper It took place on January 27, 2000 in Philadelphia.
             MAN SHOT TO DEATH AFTER A SNOW SHOVELING ARGUMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
             A heated argument over snow shoveling has ended in a fatal shooting.

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