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The Treaty of Versilles-how was germany punished

             Economically, Military, Territorially and Politically??.
             Did the big three think it was just and fair??.
             Were the Big Three Satisfied??.
             Germany after the war was punished severely. In all ways economically, military, territorially and politically. The allies signed a peace treaty but the big three :- Woodrow Wilson, Georges Clemenceau and David Lloyd George:- were not satisfied! Woodrow Wilson thought that the treaty with .
             Germany should not be too harsh. He knew that some day if the treaty was too hard Germany would recover and come back for revenge. To prevent this he made his points clear and His main aim was too make the democracy stronger. Where as David Lloyd George wanted Germany too be punished fairly but not too harshly. David knew that Germany was Britain's 2nd largest trade centre and whether or not the British liked it Germany meant jobs for the British! Georges Clemenceau on the other hand wanted Germany to be punished. He saw for himself the damage that Germany had done to Belgium. He knew what terms were acceptable and what were not and was a realist he thought that the best way to get at Germany was to weaken them as much as possible so it would take longer and be harder to get a come back. This they thought was just and fair. Because Germany had caused so much trouble and damage they thought they had got their just deserts.
             The piece treaty was signed in January 1919 and held lots of harsh terms for the Germans to abide by but Germany could not afford to go back to war so they had to follow these rules.
             Some of the terms of the treaty were that Germany had to accept the blame for the war (article 231 p.12) the Germans also had too pay REPARATIONS to the allies for the damage caused by the war. This amount came to a grand total of £6600 million this would not have been paid off until 1984 if the plans had not later been changed under the young plan in 1929. The big three had too compromise on the treaty otherwise there wouldn't be a treaty.

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