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Treaty of Versailles

             Treaty of Versailles After World War One, the Allied powers needed to devise a plan to punish Germany for the war. The leaders of Italy, Great Britain, France and the U.S. (all known as the Big Four), met in Paris. The punishment that was finally agreed upon was embodied into the document known as the Treaty of Versailles.
             The men who created the Treaty were leaders of prominent countries in the Allied powers. Vittorio Orlando was the premier of Italy, David Lloyd George, the British prime minister, Georges Clemenceau, the French prime minister, Woodrow Wilson was the President of the United States. Each of the men bought slightly different viewpoints to the Paris meeting. .
             Vittorio Orlando, as was stated above, was the premier of Italy. He sided with the Allies after the Secret Treaty of London. In this treaty, France and Britain promised to give Italy complete access to the Adriatic Sea that defined its western coast. In the Treaty of Versailles, Italy was given use and control of the Adriatic Sea. They were not, however, given the land they were promised or the extra pieces of territory they had been wanting. The Italians felt that they had been treated very badly during the war. They, with Orlando representing them, wanted Germany to suffer greatly.
             David Lloyd George, who I also made reference to above, was the British prime minister. He also wanted to punish Germany for the war. Mostly, the cause for his desire to punish Germany was influenced by the public opinion of Great Britain. The people ran through the streets crying such phrases as "Make Germany pay" and "Squeeze them until the pips squeak." .
             Though Lord George wanted to punish Germany for the war, he didn't want to be as harsh as Orlando wanted to be. He rightfully thought that being too harsh on Germany would only lead to future problems. He believed that Germany, too, had suffered in this horrible time of war.

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