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Treaty of Versailles

            The Treaty of Versailles was put in place after World War I as means to control Germany and as well to punish them. The treaty itself was very harsh on Germany even though they were not the only country to have a significance impact on the war. The ruthless rules put in place on Germany because of the Treaty of Versailles caused Germany to feel as though they were being treated unfairly which would later lead the German people to rebel and support radicals. The difference between this treaty and others was the simple fact that the Germans did not have the choice of weather or not to accept the treaty they either had the choice to accept or be attacked by the allies once again. As one German Field Marshall named Hindenburg put it, "In the event of a resumption of hostilities we can . . . defend our frontiers in the east. In the west, however, we can scarcely count on being able to withstand a serious offensive . . . The success of the operation as a whole is very doubtful, but as a soldier I cannot help feeling that it is better to die honorably than accept a disgraceful peace." Since the Germans did not have the military or money to sustain such an offensive because of the war they just finished they had to sign the Treaty of Versailles and deal with the consequences set for them in the treaty. The point made by Hindenburg shows how many other Germans felt as well which was that they believed that it would be better to die then to accept the shameful Treaty of Versailles, these feeling would stay with the German people and eventually lead to uprisings of the German people.
             Many of the conditions set in the Treaty of Versailles would never of been imposed if they were done in today's world but back then, under the conditions resulting from the war, and with the public supporting the Treaty of Versailles the only thing that had to be done was to go ahead with the plan to the delight of most of the Allies.

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