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Treaty of Versailles

            Treaty of Versailles: Ended One War and Caused Another.
             The Treaty of Versailles was a document declaring peace between Germany and 32 other various countries. The treaty had been signed in the Palace of Versailles in Paris, France on June 28, 1919. Even though the treaty had been previously signed its laws did not go into an effect until January 10, 1920. Although, the Treaty of Versailles had ended World War I, it later caused World War II (Gelfand 355).
             As a result of the Treaty of Versailles thirty-two countries became at peace and made amends with Germany. These such countries consisted of France, Great Britain, Italy, and Japan. China on the other hand had never signed this treaty. The United States of America did not ratify or approve of the treaty (Widenor 24). Powerful opposition raged Americans because they believed the treaty was too generous of an action and approach on the war-torn countries of Europe. America had made their own separate peace with Germany in 1921. Between America and Germany they had settled peace through the Treaty of Berlin. Although it was proven unsuccessful, Allied governments had tried to achieve peace by drafting other treaties. .
             Toward the completion of World War I, it was proven to be a constructive transitional time. The Treaty of Versailles called for the reorganization of .
             boundaries in numerous nations ("Treaty of Versailles" 355). A man by the name of Lawrence Gelfand stated in his article:.
             The Treaty of Versailles had caused territorial changes and restated boundaries of several nations. The nations that effected boundary changes were located in Europe, Africa, Asia, and in Pacific Ocean Islands. During this time of change, several new international organization including the League of Nations and the Permanent Court of International Justice were established.

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