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I Got You

             Among the two most famous husband and wide couples in the world are Ike and Tina Turner, and Sonny and Cher. Their hugely successful music careers have spanned over forty years, and they are very well known throughout the world. Both relationships, however, do not have fairy tale attributes. The storybook romance once shared by Sonny and Cher is opposite the abusive relationship Tina Turner endured during her marriage to her ex-husband, Ike.
             Most people have heard of Sonny and Cher and Ike and Tine. To the public, each couple seemed madly in love, but one relationship turned sour. Soon after marriage, Ike Turner began abusing his new wife, Tina. Being scared and vulnerable, Tina Turner thought she could do nothing to help herself. She was beaten for a less than wonderful performance, for not cooking supper, and for going out with her friends. Six years after the two music sensations for married, Tina decided she had enough. Late one night, Ike lay passes out on the couch after a night of heave partying, and Tina made her move. She ran out of the hotel room where she was staying across a busy interstate highway, to a neighboring Ramada Inn, where she checked in and stayed the night. Two years later, the divorce was final, and all Tina wanted to keep was her name.
             Sonny and Cher have quite a different story. They met when Cher was only 16 years old and Cher fell instantly in love. Sonny became like a brother to Cher and they were inseparable. Shortly after meeting, they started dating, and Cher recorded her first hit record under Sonny's direction. Later, the two soul mates got married. Together, they recorded numerous hit songs, had a successful TV show, and had a daughter, Chastity. However, about ten years after they got married, they too, like Ike and Tina, divorced. Cher says, "It was the stress of having a TV show, and trying to raise a daughter, too. The stress was too much to handle, I couldn't take it anymore.

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