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Black Intellectuals and the Black Community

             Black intellectuals comes from the power of knowing or thinking. In the black community the predominance of knowing means nothing. It has been said that the shortage of black intellectuals activity result somewhat from the inability of black intellectuals to gain respect, and support from the black community. If this serves true the black intellectual might never gain this form of respect from the black middle class. As many think why is there an uncertainty and doubt of black intellectuals within the community. It is simply because the black middle class conceives that black intellectuals as political activist are after short term political gain and common status. The claim that I am making is black intellectuals want to be linked with the elevating African American existence.
             The slightest instantaneous contact of black intellectuals activity on the black community reinforces common discernment of the lack, even unveiling of black intellectuals. What is unjustifiable is that many intellectuals are in search of recognition status, power and wealth. These are the opposed values of being an intellectual. Intellectuals fall under two camps successful ones, and unsuccessful ones. Successful black intellectuals surrender, often uncritically to the prevailing paradigms and research programs of white bourgeois academy . Never the less the unsuccessful ones remain encapsulated within the parochial discourses of African intellectual life. The alternatives of meretricious pseuso-cosmopolitanism are viewed by the black community with distrust and scorn. These alternatives having no impact on the black community, were shunned by W.E.B DeBois, St Clair Drake, Ralph Ellison, and Toni Morrison. Black intellectual in the black community face many impediments. They face many racism of the American society. Since black intellectuals have no support from the black community, this prevents the creation of a rich heritage of intellectual exchange, intercourse and dialogue.

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