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             Catapults have been used throughout ancient and modern times. There are many interesting facts about catapults. Did you know that catapults can hurl objects 100 yards? Catapults have been used all through time and for all kinds of things.
             The Romans used catapults in many ways to hurl projectiles. A projectile is something thrown or shot forward. The main function of a catapult is a war machine that hurls projectiles, such as stones, spears, bombs, etc. The Romans used the catapult as a war machine to hurl giant objects over walls or castles in war. They were very smart in their ideas.
             In the past, catapults were used to launch many things. Large rocks or boulders were sometimes used to knock down the walls around an enemy's territory. This enabled the attackers to invade the territory and defeat the enemy. Catapults were also used to hurl objects such as spears, bombs, or gases over enemy walls to destroy or injure the enemy. Fireballs, for example, were thrown over to burn down the villages of the enemy. All these objects were launched by catapults in the past.
             Catapults are still used in modern times for many different reasons. They continue to be used as war machines to destroy the enemy. They are sometimes still used in seiges of cities. The Navy uses them to launch gliders and aircraft. So the catapult has been used from ancient to modern times.
             Over time, the design, materials, and sources of power of catapults has improved. In the distant past, the Romans designed and made small catapults. Then the Romans made them mobile. Modern scientists discovered catapults could be controlled electronically. Catapults have really changed over time.
             There are many interesting facts about catapults. The Romans hurled dead or diseased bodies out of catapults. From 200 B.C. to A.D. 400, catapults shot projectiles up to 500 yards. They hurled projectiles weighing up to 150 pounds. I think these facts are very interesting.

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