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Projectile Motion and Angle Physics

             Projectile motion is a form of motion where gravitational acceleration influences the object thrown to travel in a curved path or trajectory. The projectile consists of two motions, which are the horizontal direction that does not change (velocity remain constant) and the vertical direction that is affected by the gravity, a constant velocity (velocity increases linearly). This projectile travels in a curved path called the trajectory. It occurs when there is one force applied in the beginning of the trajectory, and there is no force applied in the operation apart from gravity.
             Shooting a cannonball is an example of how the projectile motion is involved in real life. It is required to consider the cannon power and angle to hit the target accurately. Furthermore, they also considered the air resistance and how to still hit a really far target precisely. .
             The maximum height can be obtained when the horizontal velocity is 0. The maximum height and range of a projectile does not depends on the mass of the object projected as they will be equal as long as the object is thrown in the same velocity and direction.
             Research Question.
             Therefore, how do this cannon shoot its maximum distance with the same amount of power?.
             What angle of projectile motion will gives the maximum distance traveled? .
             This experiment purpose is to determine which angle the cannon need to be shot in order to reach the furthest distance it can travel.
             In a projectile motion, there are 2 different motions that are applied to it. These motions are horizontal motion and vertical motion. In a projectile of 45° angle, the horizontal and vertical motion are equal, the time of flight, which is affected by the vertical motion, is combined with the best possible horizontal motion, therefore, giving the maximum range possible.
             In a 90° angle projectile, the only motion applied is vertical motion. Therefore, the projectile will reach the maximum height and minimum distance.

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