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The History and Development of Calculus

             Name                                                            ID No.
             1.    DEEPANSHU TIWARI                                 2014A2 PS512H                                                .
             2. YELLANKI DAKSHAYANI 2014A2PS513H.
             3. AYUSH UMRAO 2014A2PS515H.
             4. MANISHA KALLEPALLE 2014A2PS522H.
             5. ARUMALLA VAMSIDHAR REDDY 2014A2PS526H.
             6. BRIJESH YADAV 2014A2PS538H.
             7. KRANTHI KIRAN A 2014A2PS539H.
             8. MUSKAN AGRAWAL 2014A2PS540H.
             9. YASHODEEP 2014A2PS542H.
             10. KURAPAPU SHANMUKHA 2014A2PS544H.
             11. BANDI SAI BHARGAV 2014A2PS546H.
             12. PEDDIREDDY SHASHI KIRAN REDDY 2014A2PS548H.
             Course Name: Mathematics I Course No.: MATH F111.
             Calculus, known in its early history as infinitesimal calculus, is a mathematical discipline made up of four main concepts, the limit, continuity, the derivative and the integral. Calculus is an indispensable tool for almost anything ranging from calculating the areas and volumes of various figurers, finding how much interest you earn in a bank if your money is growing continuously, designing a safe curving road on a mountain surface , figuring out the most economical way to do some task and so on. Perhaps the two most sought after concepts in the history of the subject were the integral and the derivative, as they were a necessity in finding out information needed about the physical world. For example, computation of the derivative could provide the instantaneous velocity of a moving particle; integration was useful in finding the area of curved regions.

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