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Rube Goldberg Machines

            Physics is the study of the properties of matter, and the laws governing the natural world. The forces of physics controls how objects move and react. Concepts in physics give thorough explanations as to how those forces work. Kinematics, forces, Newton's Laws, and momentum can all be demonstrated through the Rube Goldberg machine, and other scenarios. The purpose of our specific Rube Goldberg machine, was to water a plant. The 6 step process begins with a marble accelerating down a PVC pipe, which leads to a ramp. Once the marble reaches the ramp, it knocks a line of dominoes. The dominoes hit a plastic car, which parks at the end of the ramp, for visual aesthetics. The marble passes the dominoes and the car, continuing down the ramp, to the barrier. At the end of the barrier sits a weight, which the marble knocks down. The weight falls into a cup, suspended by fishing line, attached to a PVC pipe lever/seesaw. The cup forces the PVC pipe lever down, which pulls the fishing line away from the nozzle, attached at the other end. The nozzle twists, and it releases water, filling up the container. The container slowly tilts to water the plant.
             Gravity affects the marble as it accelerates down the near frictionless PVC pipe. Gravity forces the marble to change velocity, which over time creates acceleration. Gravity is a natural force explained by Newton, which is 9.8 times the mass of the marble per second squared; this means the mass is forced in a certain direction. The mass is the amount of matter within the marble. Forces are the natural push or pull on an object, which results in movement, and collisions. The marble is on an angled plane, generating momentum. According to Newton's Second Law of Motion, the forces are unbalanced. The car has a lot of mass, and because it is moving in a positive direction, it has a velocity. Since the car is in motion, it stays in motion unless friction or another applied force prevent the car accelerating down the hill.

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