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Reuben Lucius Goldberg

             Reuben Lucius Goldberg was born in San Francisco in 1883.
             went to college after his dad insisted that he go to become an engineer. .
             After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley, Rube.
             went to work as an engineer for the City of San Francisco Water and.
             Sewers Department. Rube kept drawing and after 6 months he.
             convinced his father to let him become an artist and soon had a job as.
             an office boy in the sports department of a San Francisco newspaper. .
             Rube turned in cartoons and drawings to his editor until he was.
             published. Once he had them published he soon moved to New York.
             and began to draw cartoons for the Evening Mail. Rube became a.
             founding member of the National Cartoonist Society, apolitical.
             cartoonist, and a Pulitzer Prize winner. He was a beloved national.
             Rube Goldberg's inventions showed difficult ways to achieve easy.
             results. His cartoons were symbols of someone's capacity for using.
             maximum effort to accomplish some minimal results. Rube said there.
             are two ways to do things: the hard way and the easy way, and a large.
             amount of people preferred doing things the hard way. While most.
             machines work to make difficult things to do simple, Rube's inventions.
             made simple task very complex. Many arms, wheels, gears, handles,.
             cups and rods were put in motion by balls, canary cages, pails, boots,.
             bathtubs, paddles and even live animals for easy task like squeezing an.
             orange for juice or closing a window in case it should start to rain.
             before one gets home. Rube's inventions are unique commentary on.
             life's complexities. These inventions have a humorous wonder of.
             technology. .
             Today many publications and broadcasts, such as The Wall Street.
             Journal or New York Times, use his name to describe a wildly complex.
             program, system or set of rules like the "Rube Goldberg-like tax.
             system." There are also contest that run state-wide, such as high school.
             contest or college contest, that students get together in a team and try to.

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