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Foreign Policy

            After 1865 United State wanted to expand the borders. 19th century world was carved up in colony. To united state to become world power they have to get their colony in the world. They didn"t want to stay behind. U.S had commercial interest in Far East. They kept the eye on China. South of United state was problem. They had tremendous changes were going on. In 1824 president James Monroe pass the Monroe doctrine. Doctrain shows that don"t put colony on south if we don"t have it. Any interfere would be threat to our government. .
             In 1865 U.S became the supreme power of the world. U.S had commercial interests in south. They wanted to make south independence. Congress passes the Manifest Destiny. Manifest destiny says civilize the country and help other country to develop. Biogenetic theory was being the parents and treats other county as your children to become world power. During 1900 U.S had interest in Hawaii and Cuba. Hawaii had two advantages. It was in middle of the Pacific Ocean that helps to reload cargo and second it didn"t belong to anyone. In 1873 U.S and Hawaii government signs a commercial treaty. That treaty only allows U.S to trade with Hawaii. Sugar was main products in Hawaii. It was big profitable business. American pass tax free act on Hawaii sugar. American farmer got angry because they wanted their sugar in market too. So government pass the law that stop tax free on sugar. This law led to depression in Hawaii.
             During that Hawaii economy depression Hawaii king died and his daughter took his chair. She became queen. She was educated. She got good relationship with American businessmen so American saw this as threat. American navy house arrested queen. Hawaii became the American territory. American people didn"t have interest that time because American economy was in depression. Hawaii had all privileges as state but it wasn"t state.1959 Hawaii became legal state.
             Second problem was Cuba. It was 90 miles from U.

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