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U.S. Foreign Policy

             Should the US have taken a firmer response to Russia's intervention in Ukraine? .
             Around end of February beginning of March Russian troops invaded Ukraine which is termed as a stealth invasion. Russia's actions which were internationally condemned by the political community, created concerns with Obama Administration's management of US Foreign Policy. In the unipolar system whereby US is viewed as the hegemon, should be able to protect the key fundamental pillars of International Law to sustain peace and harmony around the globe. Russian Annexation of Crimea was a concern around the globe. There are different strategies that could be adopted by US, through sanctions working alongside United Nations or use of military force, however it's important to keep in mind the neo- cons and evidence of Iraq still present in recent history. US have to think about its interests and focus on improving its domestic policies. .
             "The reset " Policy toward Russia originated from the administration's failure to understand the realities of super power politics. An understanding of Russia's political structure is vital to comprehend the structure of the political body as Imperialistic. Bush administration's approach was not a great strategy and efforts viewed as lacklustre. So the underlying aim of the Reset was a strategy of "re-normalizing "i relations between USA and Russia. However the current approach under estimated Moscow's current worldview. Obama and EU allies unveiled co-ordinated sanctions to punish Russia for occupying the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea. Putting forward visa restrictions on individuals, another fact to consider is that EU- Russia trade volumes, including vast gas imports and engineering exports are 15 times the level of US-Russia trade. So therefore Washington has far less to lose from a trade war.ii .
             Reassure NATO allies finally penalize Russia with the goal of effecting a change in Moscow's policy via sanctions.

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