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U.S. Foreign Policy

             American diplomacy over the years has said to have worked hard to bridge.
             the Arab and Israeli divide, but it was most successful during the Clinton.
             administration. During the present time part of that divide has been bridged,.
             because Israel and Jordan are at peace as are Israel and Egypt. The Palestinians and.
             Israel have made several agreements about working out terms for their coexistence.
             The Arab and Israeli agenda has moved on from how to make peace and how peace.
             will bring economic benefits. Since the Cold War, Americans have been trying to.
             make sense of international situations. Debating on how to engage internationally to.
             advance goals nationally and when to use force to protect the national interest of the.
             United States. For years the foreign policy was governed by one overriding goal,.
             which was to contain the Soviet Union's expansionist tendencies. The goal of.
             America, was to build new security alliances and institutions, forging close ties with.
             other nations and providing foreign assistance. One main interest of the United.
             States was how to best support international institutions like the United Nations and.
             the World Bank. The United States didn't want threats to jeopardize the actual.
             survival of the United States. When it comes to foreign policy, the United States does.
             what it can to help it's allies, but at the same time the United States wishes to.
             maintain control and superior ranking without jeopardizing Americans.
             The United States foreign policy wants to lead the international communities.
             in turning back lawless acts as in Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait and even.
             more recently Osama Bin Liden. The United States feels that terrorism disrupts the.
             tranquility both at home and abroad. There have been predictions that nations states.
             would collapse under the weight of overcrowded , ungovernable cities and roving.
             bands of lawless thugs. The United States wishes to prevent people and cultures from.

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