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Media reviews: Tomorow never dies vs Raiders of the lost ark

            We've all watched Bond (Pierce Brosnan) and Indiana Jones,two of the best known action heroes These two films have differences and similarities, Bond with the guns and gadgets and Jones using his trusty bull whip. The missions are different in many ways, Indiana's missions are to find ancient artifacts for the museum, where as James Bonds missions are to save the world. Bond is a very well dressed and smart man where Indiana has a much more rugged look about him; with his leather jacket and suede hat. Raiders has more traps from the ancient days and James Bond is of the fighting and heavy machinery. Some may find Indiana Jones a lot easier to understand, simply because it is easier to follow. The opening scenes are also very similar, both Bond and Indiana are intelligent and have a slight humor about their characters. In most Bond and Indiana films they tend to work individually. Both heroes are good looking and our always fighting for a good purpose, both films are different and similar in many ways. The first film Indiana Jones-Raiders of the Lost Ark was made 1981, but the film is set in the 1930's, which was the decade between the two world wars. The opening scene of this film is very mysterious, dark and gloomy, opening with four black figures walking through a jungle, with quiet music in the background accompanied with many sounds of the jungle. Harrison Ford; who plays the part of Indiana Jones, you see for the first time as he disarms an enemy with the bull whip and walks from the shadows into the light just before he enters the cave. He enters the dark cave with his accomplice, there are lots of traps in this cave but Indiana being as witty as he is dodges them. He's in the cave, in order to retrieve one of the artifacts s that the museum wishes to possess.

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