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Indiana Jones's Journey for the Lost Ark

             One of the greatest protagonist heroes is Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is a journey with constant action. In 1938, the Nazis wanted full power and that includes looking for religious artifacts that might contain superficial powers. The lost ark is too powerful for the Nazis to own so Indiana Jones tries to find it before they do. He travels around the world looking for pieces of puzzles that will solve his quest, revealing where the ark is. Jones accomplishes his quest, and as he does, it is evident that it evolves through the three stages of a hero's journey.
             The first stage of the journey is the separation stage. Chaos makes the hero separate from his environment, causing him to start his quest. The Nazis" pursuit of the ark causes Jones to leave his job as a teacher and fly to Nepal to look for his old girlfriend. Mary has something that will show Jones where the location of the ark is. Jones fights off some Nazi men in Nepal and takes Mary with him to Cairo, Egypt. The lost ark of the covenant has been lost for over 3,000 years. The U.S. Army of Intelligence will pay Jones a hefty amount of money if he restores the ark to a museum. Hitler wants the Ark because it might release lightning, fire, or the power of god. Jones is an archaeologist and a hero who spontaneously plans what to do as he goes along on his journey because there is so much chaos in the movie. The movie supports good over evil (Nazis), as Spieldburg movies always do. Jones and Mary fly to Cairo and find some help with the local people.
             The second stage of a hero's journey is the transformation stage. This is when Jones tests his wit, will, and strength. Jones and Mary find a local friend named Solum in the streets of Cairo. Jones must hide from the Nazis and find the ark while the Nazis look to kill Jones and find the ark themselves. The Nazis steal Mary on the streets while Jones kills off many men, with his famous whip and gun fighting, to get Mary back.

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