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Indiana Jones

            Indiana Jones is a man of faith in the movie Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade which contains many aspects of man's ultimate concern. Faith is described as something that will provide "total fulfillment". The Last Crusade is a journey in which good and evil battle each other in two different forms of faith. The two sides embark upon long and arduous quests to follow their faith. One quest is being made by the Nazis who are hoping to find the grail in order to use its power for their own personal gain. The other quest is being made by Jones, who believes in the grail and what it stands for and hopes to keep it out of German clutches. Brilliant thinkers of our time claim that faith is more than just believing in something that doesn't exist or is not proven to. In this movie there are evidently two separate types of faith that exist throughout the storyline. The type of faith that the Nazis believe in is the aesthetic, social, and political faith. Their faith revolves around reading maps and books in order to get them to their treasure which supposedly lies at the end of their path. Indiana Jones believes that the grail exists where the Bible says it does what it is intended to do. At no point during the movie do the Nazis have faith in the Bible that the grail will be there at all. They merely believe in what Indiana Jones is after and subsequently follow him around because they know he truly believes that the grail indeed exists in its whole form. In comparison to the works we've read about faith the grail in the Nazis" eyes promises total fulfillment with the idea of everlasting life. The Nazi leader in the movie becomes so obsessed with total power that he losses complete sight of everything meaningful and just in his life which leads to his quick demise. Indiana truly believed in the real meaning of the grail which is what Christ believed. By doing so Indiana showed his true faith which gave him the vision to correctly choose the right grail and save his father from a mortal gunshot wound.

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