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            When I read this assignment I could only think of one person that I had a close relationship with and truly loved that change. I had a girlfriend called Joanna I called her Jo for short. She was smart, funny and I loved her like I had never loved a girl before and I probably never will again. I was very happy while I was with her and I thought I would be for a while until she changed. It was a change that I will never forget and I wouldn't wish this experience on anybody else but it probably happens to people every day. I noticed her change in two ways one maybe for the better and one was for the worst.
             Jo and me had been going out for a while and I was older that she was. I was old enough to go out to bars and clubs and Jo was not. She was seventeen years old and I was eighteen. I had been going to a club in my town called rock world for a while it wasn't a very nice nightclub and it had a reputation for drugs. I knew this and I also knew everybody in there and what they did, a lot of them were my friends and I knew the truth about them but they were good friends and they were my friends. One Friday night I was there and I noticed a girl who had never been there before and looked out of place I soon found out that girl was Jo. I noticed a chair at the table she was at was empty so I went and sat next to her. We started talking and we hit it off immediately and I really liked her. I was glad that it was me that met her first and not some lowlife that would have noticed her for what she was, a young vulnerable girl in a whole new world. I went home and the next day I called her and we got together and hung out all week. Friday came around again and I went to the club as I did every Friday night Jo was there with one of her friends and from there on she was there every Friday night. By then we where going out and I introduced her to some of my friends. I was very wiry of who she talked to because I knew what people where like and what she would be introduced to and I really didn't want this to happed.

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