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Jo Goodwin Parker on Poverty

            In the article, Jo Goodwin Parker explains the meaning of poverty through the viewpoint of a poor woman. The woman represents poverty to expose its bitter, harsh and hidden aspects. However, I believe that her perceptions of poverty are trapped by her negative attitude towards the circumstances. For that reason, I question whether the author has covered other aspects including the seeking of true happiness, the poor woman's lack of determination to overcome poverty and the restriction in the writer's grasp of poverty. Although the author fails to consider those three aspects, she manages to fascinate the readers by using several effective writing techniques. .
             As far as I am concerned, finding happiness in life is a more important matter than worrying about poverty. It seems to me that the woman in the text is materialistic. She dreams of having money, which is, in my opinion, an unsustainable and unpractical dream. She will not be able to pay for the living expenses when there is no money left. More importantly, money cannot buy true happiness. There is no guarantee that money can prevent her boys from stealing, alcohol and drugs. Also, money is no guarantee of strongly bonding the relationship between the woman and her husband. She wraps herself in the idea of being poor instead of paying attention to little things that can bring her happiness. In particular, the woman can find happiness in raising her small children and watching them grow day by day. Such small pleasant things can help the woman relieve some part of her financial worries. In summary, from my point of view, a home full of joys is better than a house full of stuff.
             Furthermore, I disagree with how the woman sees poverty, and how she is lack of will power and motivation to overcome it. Poverty and pessimistic thoughts occupy her mind as she predicts her family future, "Poverty is looking into a black future. Your children won't play with my boys.

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