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While I Was Gone

             While I Was Gone was written by Sue Miller in 1999. This novel belonged in the genre of Fiction. The novel was relayed in memory when Jo was remembering her days with Eli and everyone in the house. This was about middle age and how people can get stir crazy. If someone's life is familiar and comfortable for too long, he/she starts to yearn for something more. When that opportunity comes along he/she will be so startled that he/she jumps at the chance. Jo Becker thought she had gotten rid of this desire to do different and exciting things. When a man from Jo's past arrived in her present life she was startled at first. Then she began to feel restless with her life because of a possibility of a new chapter in her life beginning. Jo went for this chance and almost ruined her life, as she had known it for so long. During this struggle she learned many lessons on life.
             While I Was Gone was written in the first person. Sue Miller chose to write the novel from this perspective to get the reader more into Jo's character. Sue could not have titled the book While I Was Gone if she had written in third person. If a reader reads a novel that is in first person they feel connected with that character. When something bad happened to Jo, the reader felt her pain. Some readers may have had emotions towards Jo that weren't what Jo was feeling. First person is also easier for writers to get into. Sue Miller only had to tell the story from Jo's perspective and did not have to worry about anything beyond her vision. This was what made the readers connect with Jo so much. .
             Throughout Jo's life she ran. She ran away as a child, she ran away as a young adult, and at this point in her life she just wanted to run again. It seemed like the affair was just her unknowing way. Jo and Eli were similar. They both had something that they were holding in. They were going to explode if they didn't tell someone. They both made a mistake; they shared the information with the person it would hurt the most.

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