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Popular Culture and the Socialization of Marriage

            "Marriage across the world is a socially approved sexual and economic union between two or more people that is expected to last for a long time" (McDaniel and Tepperman 2011:96). The process of socialization relating to marriage and other intimate relationships is both complex and arduous as relationships are consistently developing and changing. These relationships differ tremendously depending on culture and beliefs. Canadian marriages have been found to be longer and more stable than marriages in the Unites States (White 1947:646), despite more than 1/3 of Canadian marriages ending in divorce before the 30th wedding anniversary (Clark and Compton 2006:233). The study of popular culture and sociology contributes factors that influence these relationships, aiding in understanding how different relationships are formed and maintained. Some findings that are important to the socialization of marriage include education and work, children, family life-balance, influence from immediate and extended family, the role of friendship, and domestic abuse. .
             Education and work can cause strain on a marriage by means of the female counterpart seeking to fulfill professional goals and aspirations, but experiencing pressure in order to abide by her biological abilities to have children (Ranson 1998:518). Another area of conflict is opposing views on the importance of education and the financial restraint it comes with (Hou and Myles 2008:8). Having both children and professional careers is can be stressful, as Quirke states "research suggests that raising children has become increasingly intensive, complex, and time-consuming" (2006:388). With the struggle of trying to organize a major life decisions, it's often difficult for a couple to maintain a family-life balance. In some cases this can strengthen a marriage, but for some is an outlet of marital conflict. Immediate and extended family further influence each of these factors.

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