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12 ANgry Men Analysis

             Do you believe anyone can be 100 percent objective? .
             Personal prejudice and feelings play a part in our decision making. Sometimes we think we are being totally objective about something but even subconsciously our backgrounds are influencing our thoughts and actions. Each character in the movie had different backgrounds and experiences. These experiences shape our personalities. .
             2. Peer pressure is very powerful.
             There were some strong personalities in the room. During the initial vote, it appears that several of the jurors were "going along with the group". One juror wanted to make it to a ball game on time and another had to get back to his business. They were very verbal about their expectations of a quick decision. It appeared that if Henry Fonda's character would have voted guilty, the boy would have been convicted without the jurors discussing the case at all.
             3. A decisions consequence influences the effort expended to determine the .
             right/just decision.
             Most people will adjust the amount of effort they put into a decision based on the importance of the decision. For example, in the movie, Henry Fonda stated a man's life is worth more than five minutes deciding his fate.
             4. The larger the group the harder it is to come to a consensus.
             The more varied values, beliefs, past experiences, current state of mind, physical surroundings, and personal issues you have in a group, the more difficult it might be to find an acceptable decision/solution. In some cases this may hinder the project/decision in other cases you want the different backgrounds. The group size would depend on many factors, like decision to be made, the information available, etc. .
             5. No matter how bumpy a decision process is, it can still be successful.
             Even though at some points people were yelling or not listening at all, when it came down to reaching a decision in the end; the group was able to communicate. .
             6. The more information or guidelines you have to make a decision the better.

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