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Chemical, Biological Weapons

            In today's modern society we have very many things to fear from, like getting hit by a car, or just getting up out of bed in the morning is sometimes scary enough, because you just never quite know what is going to happen. So we have all these little annoying things to worry about, and now we have to worry about these "new nuclear" countries. These countries have just acquired the capability of firing a nuclear missile and starting world war III. So now, every morning I wake up and turn on the news, praying that some upstart little country that I have never laid eyes on hasn"t sealed everyone on the planets fate. This paper will first focus on the diversity and power of some of the weapons of mass destruction, then I will focus on the origins of military doctrine, specifically the command and control systems for launching any weapon of mass destruction. Next, I will look at terrorist and their motivations for harming innocent people along with a list of unconventional weapons that terrorist have used. Finally, I will conclude by going over .
             The beginning of the twenty-first century saw such an alarming rise in events where chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons were involved. In May 1998, India and Pakistan both performed underground testing of a nuclear bomb. And, in the spring of 1999 these two new nuclear countries had a skirmish in the mountains of Kashmir . These are only a few of the many other freighting events that took place in the beginning of the twenty-first century.
             In giving a "thorough description of the production and the lethality of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons one would have knowledge and understanding of chemistry, biology, human physiology, nuclear physics, metallurgy, and meteorology, not to mention mechanical, material , genetic, electrical, and chemical engineering" . Chemical weapons are the easiest to make and will not have the horrible that could result from the other two.

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