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Can Terrorism Be Justified

            To justify terrorism equals justifying innocent slaughter. To justify innocent slaughter suggests valuing religious and political priorities higher than the man's life. What kind of aggression can spur on to seizing hostages and exploding dwelling houses?.
             At least when a nation is at war "rules of the game" are declared and it is prepared to withstand the enemy. However when the terror is stricken into the whole mankind we are all getting threatened into chaos and retreat regardless our race, religion and nationality.
             Such an aggressive atrocity should have formidable grounds at least from the point of view of terrorists themselves. Years or even centuries of social injustice, lack of political rights and freedom, the constant state of war - can that all contribute to daily growing anger and resentment in their hearts? Yes, it certainly can. And in fact, it does: the hatred is being cultivated and imposed on the younger generation as if the feeling is the most valuable heritage. And what comes out of terrorist attacks? As a matter of fact the nation under attack gets united and rallied by the only aim: to recover and move from horror to action. These actions however are a far cry from what the terror was aimed at. The actual unsolved problems are intensified and their settlement is delayed.
             Consequently the question arises: do terrorists at all care for solving vital difficulties within their community? Or are they driven by other forces?.
             As for digging deeper into religious component we come to realize that if terrorism does have something to do with religion then there are two possible causes. Whether the religion itself is at a very early stage of its development and thus is characterized by an aggressive tone of its application, or the religion becomes the breeding ground for radical fanaticism. But terrorism can not be justified by fanaticism. Religious prejudices should not be put on the scale with an innocent life.

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