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Underage Drinking: Is Lowering The Drinking Age The Solution

             , when you reach 18 years of age, you are legally an adult.
             rights allow you to vote, join the military, obtain a marriage permit, sign legally binding .
             contracts and many others except purchase and consume alcohol. Many feel this is the best .
             reason for lowering the drinking age. I want to take a different approach at the issue; I .
             think the legal drinking age should be lowered to allow young adults to drink under .
             supervision in controlled environments such as restaurants, taverns, pubs and official .
             school and university functions. We should allow drinking under supervision at an early .
             age, because this teaches and develops more responsible acts of drinking. In these .
             situations responsible drinking could be taught through role modeling and educational .
             programs, this would develop mature and sensible drinking behavior. As we teach more .
             responsible drinkers, then we can correct our current problem of abusive drinking.
             The drinking age is to youth today, what the Jim Crow laws was to blacks in the .
             Old South. This law segregates our youth, while it is meant to protect society. .
             Unfortunately, it has backfired. Drinking age laws do a fine job of keeping young people .
             out of clubs and bars. Unfortunately, these laws do nothing to keep young people from .
             getting access to alcohol from other places. After all, the law is fundamentally .
             unenforceable -- how does one stop kids from getting beer from an older brother or friend? .
             The number one obstacle to drinking age reform is the National Minimum Drinking Age .
             Act of 1984, which virtually required states to set their drinking age at 21. The rate of .
             alcohol-related fatalities among youth has dropped since the bill's passage, a fact which .
             some claim justifies the law. Yet anyone who attends college knows that while they may .
             not be able to have a glass of wine with dinner, they certainly can find a beer at a party. .
             Some have linked the increased drinking age to the disturbingly common phenomenon of .

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