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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

             Awhile back, I went to see the movie, My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding. Not only was the movie funny and entertaining, but it taught a good lesson on the importance of diversity in our world. I always thought that diversifying the population was important. When I was growing up I realized that diversification should begin when children are very young and if it did it would result in positive change for this world. My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding added more to my beliefs, showing the importance of knowing about all different types of cultures and ways of life.
             In the movie, Tula grew up in a Greek family, surrounded only by and interacting only with Greeks. She went to Greek school, ate Greek food and performed Greek dances. Her family owned a Greek diner, had large Greek dinners with family and expected their children to grow up, marry a Greek spouse and have lots of Greek children, Tula was always a little embarrassed of how extremely Greek her family was, thinking that they were so different from the majority of the population. Finally, at the age of thirty, she found the courage to explore outside the Greek culture. She met a man named Ian, who was not Greek, and they began dating, although she knew that her family would disapprove. Despite struggling with the family's disapproval, Tula and Ian had a very good relationship. They had a good relationship because they were willing to learn about each others backgrounds. As for me, I believe that children should begin to learn about other ways of life and be in diversified settings starting a t a young age so that they will be willing to interact with and learn more about others as they get older. As shown in the movie, if you are willing to learn about different ways of life and are willing to share your ways, you will meet new and interesting people and possibly find happiness.
             Also, from exploring other cultures and other ways of life, you will learn that everyone is not so different and could enjoy time spent with persons of a different culture.

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