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The Influence of Chinese Culture in Chinese Business Practic

            Looking around us, we see many instances of one displaying effects of their culture in their daily activities. Needless to say, business practices being one aspect of our daily activities, we too, see that culture has its influences. The Chinese had a long history of culture, which very often intrigue many, including myself. "It must be acknowledged that China is the world's oldest civilization among cultures existing today. Many of its old values are still preserved" ; unlike Greece and Egypt where "modern Greece and Egyptians bear little cultural resemblance to their ancient forebears." This essay attempts to discuss how significant was this intriguing culture of the Chinese in their business practices. Was Chinese business practices entirely mould by their culture? Or were there other factors that helped shaped their business practices? .
             What is this thing called culture that has such seemingly great impact on our lives? "Culture is all the historically created designs for living, explicit and implicit, rational, irrational, nonrational, which exist at any given time as potential guides for the behavior of men" Indeed, many of the cultural practices we see today, regardless of nationalities, saw its roots back in history. For example, the Americans" culture of freedom of an individual was established years back during the formation of United States with their basic avocation and belief in democracy. Such historically created designs definitely left an imprint in the business arena. In fact, studies were carried out by anthropologists and suggested "business organization can be viewed as mini-cultures which operate within the wider national cultural context, as well as cultures in their own right." Thus we can see that culture, which is not something young, does play a significant role in our lives as well as business practices. With this background understanding to what culture is, let us know looking specifically into what are some of the Chinese business practices and how the Chinese culture influenced these practices.

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