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Fight for Peace? Yeah right!

            Fight for peace? Please? That's the biggest oxymoron I ever heard!.
             Do you still believe that crap? Saddam Hussein is bad; Saddam Hussein will destroy the world? Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, that's why we must destroy him before he destroys the world. Here's a little quote for George W. Bush I just heard on TV which made me so sick that I had to spill it all out:.
             ?We are the greatest nation in the world, we have the greatest people in the world and so, we will prevail.?.
             For me personally, that particular quote rings a giant church bell in my head. Nazis. I?ll explain what I mean (for those who aren't the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree). Hitler and the Nazis believed that German people were supreme to all other people in the world. Therefore, they thought that Germans should be the sole nation left on the face of the earth. I understand American patriotism and such? But this is a tad too much.
             Do we see any rational arguments whatsoever supporting this war? Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. Maybe. But guess what? So does Bush. .
             Wasn't it Bush who exited the (ÏÉ×Ï-òÁÅÎÃÑ ÃÃÎÁ) Agreement , which makes him remotely able to attack any given country in the world with a nuclear missile! I am not arguing that the Iraq problem doesn't exist. Saddam Hussein did use horrible methods of oppression against his own people, killing thousands of them. However, it is a fact that the country was under sanctions for the past ten years. Its economy is weak, its military force virtually does not exist and it remains unclear how its people survived for all these years. Sure, one could argueoil?. Well yes, and that's exactly my point. The point of this upcoming war is not tofight terrorism?, anyone would agree with me that this excuse is becoming too clich?. This war is about oil. Period.
             We all know that the USA has no oil of its own. We also know that oil prices have been gradually rising.

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