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David Livingstone

            David Livingstone - an explorer and a missionary.
             As usual, when we are free to choose a theme for our projects, it is difficult to choose one thing to write about. In the beginning, I had alot of ideas, but then I started thinking that it would be best if I chose something I could relate to in one way or another. At some point, my thoughts went back to the summer holidays and my wonderful trip to Africa, where we visited the stunning Victoria Falls. I remember the guide who told me about David Livingstone, the first European to see the falls. I can imagine how he felt. I wanted to know even more about this man who seemed to have no fear, therefore my thesis and way of presenting the problem will be: .
             -Who was David Livingstone and what did he do in Africa? I will .
             focus on his first expeditions .
             An explorer in the last century had to have not only an iron constitution, but a great character to survive, especially in Africa. The expeditions demanded strenght to bear up againts extreme heath and drought, attacks from martial tribes, repeated disappointments, treachery and unknown diseases. Many of the travellers to Africa wanted to free the land from the slave trade. But at the same time, this noble goal was connected with they wanting to achieve a certain fame, often with a total lack of sympathy towards others. No explorers made these contrasts clearer than David Livingstone, the poor scottish boy who managed to become a doctor, and spend the last 30 years of his life as a missionary in the heart of Africa. People living in England at this time, thought of him as a hero who sacrificed himself for the Africans. Now, it is showned that in decisive turning points in his life he was acting just as bad as any other person. His strong personality still managed to overshadow the contrasts in his character.

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