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             When I see "the perfect girl" on a cover of Fitness magazine, jealousy and guilt begin to boil in me. By "perfect" I mean, large breasts, shiny thick hair, a golden tan, beautiful smile, and shapely thighs. Thoughts like "I too want to weigh ninety pounds" or "I should have never chomped down those M&MS," begin to run through my mind. It seems to me that the magazine is society telling me that life would be perfect if I was thin. I will be beautiful, healthy, accepted and happy if I resembled the image of "the perfect girl." Unfortunately nobody is, or will ever be perfect and publications like Fitness should stop trying to make perfection appear achievable.
             I have tried so many diets from the magazine that said they would help me achieve perfection. Sadly none of them have worked for me. My most disgusting one ever was low-fat tasteless yogurts for breakfast, lean cuisines for lunch, and goat cheese turkey burgers for dinner. It only lasted four days. I began to feel disappointed in myself for not pulling off my diets, but every time I went on one, forbidden cravings like chocolate and cheesecake came to me. That was when I turned to HYDROXYCUT, a weight loss supplement that I learned about from Fitness. I knew that weight loss supplements were against my better judgements, but I was desperate. I wanted to be perfect and needed to look like the girl on the cover to feel good about myself.
             After about three weeks of dieting and taking weight loss supplements, I began to realize that my health was weakening and my self esteem was dropping instead of rising. I began to think that the more weight I lose the closer to perfection I would get. Every time I looked at the magazine, the girls in it would appear thinner, so my goal of losing ten pounds went up to twenty. I began to exercise and diet even more, which accomplished a lot, but my self image kept on decreasing.
             My world began to revolve around Fitness magazine.

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