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            Rape is probably the worst thing that someone can do to a person. Not only dose it leave physical pain but it also leaves a much worse emotional damage too. There are many issues with rape and lots of facts to support them. .
             Here are some theories on rape and rapist mentality. The first type of rapist is the gang rapist. The gang rapist commits this rape because of group pressure to belong, for fear of weakness, to be one of the boys, to prove his man hood, and because of a power trip. The next types of rape theories are on acquaintance rapes. Some reasons of acquaintance rapes are she owes me, no doesn't really mean NO!!!, she was asking for it, she is a tease, because she is my property, and because it was planed and dreamed of. The next type of rapist theory id of the pedestal rapist. Some thoughts from pedestal rapist are Ill show her, Ill put her down in her place, I raise myself by lowering her, he hates women, she is asking for it, and he lacks self esteem. This type of rapist is the kind that is most likely to be a sick stranger. Even though stranger rapist are not as common as acquaintance rapes they are just as bad and may even be worse. Some theories on stranger rape are he hates women, he fantasizes and dreams of it, plans it with cunning, brutal thoughts, has a taker mentality, he likes the rush, the excitement, and the chase. These are some of the theories on rape and rapists. .
             The male role in rape is usually the rapist. The female role is usually the victim. Women may be able to prevent rape by doing a couple things. First off they should avoid railroad tracks and wooded arias and always try to stay in a lighted aria. If she is about to be raped then just humiliate yourself by making your self-unattractive. Use your imagination and do whatever it takes to get it done. Some helpful items to have that may prevent rape are stickpins, mace and pepper spray, cell phone key siren, a gun, flashlight, and an automatic key entry system to your car.

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