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The Death Penalty

            Canada does not extradite criminals to the US or any other countries where the death penalty is in practice, unless with assurances that the death penalty will not be used because the people of Canada think the death penalty should be abolished.
             The death penalty! Capital punishment! Ending someone's life! Circumstantial evidence! Could you push in the needle?.
             Canada upholds its policy of not giving any death penalty sentence to any crime and it will not extradite to a country with the death penalty, without guarantees of it not being used. Many people have been wrongfully accused and have paid with their lives for someone else's mistake. The US, like Canada, should abolish the death penalty. .
             According to a recent Canadian poll, support of or agreement with the death penalty is at an all time low at only fifty-two percent. That is down from seventy-four percent in 1976! Out of the fifty-two percent, only twenty-one percent strongly agree with reinstating it. This is compared to the 1976 poll in which forty-seven percent of the people strongly agreed with the death penalty. This poll is quite parallel to the decision in 1977 to abolish the death penalty, where the vote in parliament was one hundred and thirty to one hundred and twenty-four. That is fifty-one percent. .
             Although Canada officially abolished the death penalty in 1977, certain crimes can still result in a death sentence. If you kill a police officer, commit mutiny, or commit espionage, you have a chance of being sentenced to death. As well, in military courts the death penalty may be given as punishment. Although legally the death penalty can still be given for certain crimes, it has not been used since capital punishment was officially abolished in 1977. While in Canada the death penalty was abolished in 1977, in the Jewish religion it was abolished almost two thousand years ago in 30 CE.
             According to Jewish law, a court punished both religious and non-religious crimes.

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