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Citizen Kane

             When Orson Welle's Citizen Kane was released in 1941 it shocked the film industry with its distorted angles and unusual style. Although initially the film wasn't well received by the public, most film critics list it as one of the best movies of all time. Some criticisms of Citizen Kane include; its narrative structure is unduly complicated, its technique calls attention to itself and its intellectual content is superficial.
             The story line in Citizen Kane is an unusual mix of flashbacks, memories, interviews, and fictional news footage. While some people criticize this unusual structure as unduly complicated I think that the complexity of the narrative adds to the movie. This unusual format allowed for a movie that showed the viewers a story from many different points of view and allowed us to see the causes and effects of Kanes values and actions on his life, and the lives of others. I think that the story line created a much more effective story than a less complicated linear plot.
             Another Criticism of Citizen Kane is that the technique calls attention to itself. Throughout the film there were many distorted and off center angles and shots. Although many shots seem very unnatural and discomforting for the viewer, I think that these shots added to the movie and were necessary for the film to create as powerful an effect as it did. .
             One of the main reasons why Citizen Kane is considered such a great movie is the powerful message behind the story line and the lessons that we can all learn from the film. Some critics of the film say that the intellectual content is superficial. I think that the intellectual content of the story although it was not very complicated still gives a effective message love, loss, and the corrupting force of money.

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