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             Have you ever had the experience where your name was misspelled perhaps on an account or in a letter? People take the misspelling of their name very personally, because a name is your possession. A name becomes who you are. It encompasses you as a person, defines you in the world, and allows others a look into your personality and traits. Many people share the same name with different variations. Names are an important part of a person's life. Names can be changed, shortened, or even discarded. What you do with your name and how you use it can be a distinguishing factor of a person's life.
             Kristy comes in many different variations and spellings. Constant misspellings of the name Kristy are annoying and frustrating. A few variations are Kristi, Kristie, Christy, Christie, and Cristy. There many other possibilities to spell the name Kristy just by the rearranging the letters. Kristy is a form of Christina, which means "Christ-bearer". (Peterson 211). The different spellings can be used to find where the name originated. For example: Kristie is originally derived as a Scottish name. This spelling is a pet form of Kirstin, which is now quite commonly used as an independent given name. (Hanks, Hodges 194). By changing the spelling just slightly to Christie you then have the name originating from Ireland. The name becomes a pet form of Christopher and that is of Greek and Latin decent. (Hanks, Hodges 63). Kristy is also derived from the name Christina, which is of greek descent. This name over the ages has taken several different forms. Christian was most commonly used as a womans name. Christina then became popular and Christian was used less often. (Hamlin 262). .
             People don't only have a first name to confuse, but today we also are plagued by the whole middle name crisis. Middle names are extremely hard to keep consistent with their spelling. Tons of middle names are made up, which makes misspellings frequent.

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