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Name Vignete

            My first name in English is Jessica, and my last name is Wang.
             and I had picked the name out of a book. Jessica is a Hebrew name meaning .
             God's grace, rich, and woman of wealth. My parents wanted me to be rich, so they .
             thought the name would suit me. We picked it when I was seven, because that's .
             when I had just moved here from Taiwan. I didnt know a lot of names, and Jessica .
             sounded fine, and so it became my name. .
             My Chinese name is translated into English as Yulan Wang. My last .
             name in English is actually my first name in Chinese, although it means the same as .
             a last name in English. You address someone by his or her first name in Chinese. .
             Chinese names are made up of three characters, although when translated into .
             English, the last two characters forms one word. Yulan in Chinese is actually two .
             words, just like Mulan is also made up of two characters.
             Choosing a Chinese name is very important, and you cant just choose any .
             name you want. It has to correspond with the astrological principles, the birthdate, .
             five elements (metal, wood, water, fire, and earth), the form, pronunciation, and .
             meaning of name. My parents took me to a fortuneteller to name me because they .
             didn't know how. .
             If I could choose my name over again, I wouldnt want Jessica because it's a.
             very common name. Id want a name that's long, unique, and starts with the letter .
             A, like Allura, Anora, Ariette, or Areille. When I have a daughter, Id want to give .
             her one of those names.

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