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To Ban or Not To Ban?

            The general background of this paper is to acknowledge people that smoking not.
             only harms the ones who smoke, but also affects the people around them. Second hand .
             smoke is a more effective killer than first hand smoke. This leads to the question, .
             "Should smoking be banned in all public places?" If people actually understood what .
             chemicals were in each cigarette and where these chemicals can be found in other .
             products, then I believe that their would be a decline in smokers around the world.
             Most of my sources are going to come from the internet, the television .
             (movies, documentaries, TLC). I am going to interview a few doctors from War .
             Memorial Hospital to get information about the dramatic effects second-hand smoke .
             causes non-smokers; also get some paperwork from the Chippewa County Health Dept.
             For research in the field, my intentions are to interview Dr. Eero J. Ranta and.
             ask him about the long term affects and health risks first and second-hand smoking has.
             on people. I am still thinking on making a survey and giving it to a few restaurants in.
             this town to fill out. Some of the questions on the survey asking whether they are in.
             favor of banning smoking in public places, if they believe it would increase their.
             business, and if they already have a no smoking policy in effect as of this moment. I am .
             hoping to come up with high quality, scientific questions to ask these restaurant owners.
             In conclusion, I believe that conducting these surveys and giving an interview or.
             two will help me understand what other people think about the question "Should.
             smoking be banned in all public places?" I believe that smoking should be banned in.
             all public places because if gives non-smokers a better way to enjoy themselves and.
             not having to worry about second-hand smoke. If this does become a law, I do believe .
             that life without second-hand smoke will change our world for the good.

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