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Romeo and Juliet

             What does the audience learn about the four characters Tybalt, Capulet, Romeo and Juliet from what they say and do in this scene?.
             This particular scene is intended for the audience to learn a great deal about the characters. This scene in entwined with information that links to the past and futire and becomes the basis for the most powerful and moving movements of the play. The action in this scene interchanges between the various main characters, which provides a much higher impact on the audience and brings exitement, it does this because these interchages make it less tedious as you have to keep up with the play with its dramatic movements leading from one to the next. The audience already though anticipate alot due to the actions that have already taken place in the play. It is expectant something will happen because the foe of the capulets the montagues are 'gate-crashing' there annual party, which may lead to more violence and bitterness between the two famillies. Not to forget Juliets introduction to Paris my her mother who has raised the question of marriage in her mind and intrigues Juliet into thinking about her future companion.
             Throughout the play 'Romeo and Juliet' the most powerful of love runs along side the most merciful and bitter of hatreds. This contrast is introduced in this scene, with Juliet and Romeos instant uncontrolable passion contrasts greatly with Tybalts instant hatred and violent anger he has aainst Romeo who seems to be insulting his family. Also Capulets jolly and comical attiude compares with the attraction Romeo and Juliet feel towards each other.
             These scene does not only give the audience a greater insight and understanding of the characters but they also see the beginings of even more significant actions that happen in the near future.
             The scene opens with a welcoming from lord Capulet to his guests of his party htis shows the audience he is a 'good host'.

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