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            This paper is to tell how to take a roll of film and make it into a finished picture. I will start with the type of film and finish with a perfectly developed picture. .
             The first thing to do is decide exactly what I want to take a picture of. Then decide what kind of film would fit the lighting. My picture will be of a car, so I will need a film that will do well in natural lighting. Since the color of cars is insignificant I will be using black and white film to draw more attention to the car's other features. The type of film I am going to use is 35mm. .
             The camera that will be used is a FUGI 35mm. It has an automatic load for the film so make sure you check with the owner's manual on how to load the film. Some are manual and it is important to be sure of the mechanics of your camera. Load the film. Check the batteries.
             Now you are ready to start to take some pictures. My camera also has automatic focus, flash and speed, although on some you have to set the settings yourself. Hold the camera steady and press the shutter release. If it is on a slow shutter setting you might want to use a tripod because the slightest movement can make it blur. .
             After you take all the photos on the roll of film you push the rewind button to rewind the film back on the roll. Never open the camera until you rewind the film because the light will ruin the film.
             Then you get a pair of pliers, some scissors, the film and a developing tank and reel, and either a dark room or a dark bag. Since you have to do this next step in complete darkness you may want to practice it a few times using scrape film. .
             Using the dark bag you put every thing in and zip it closed. Then you put your arms in the holes at one end. You take the pliers and tear the top off the film canister then you take out the roll that is in the canister and take out the film and cut the sides straight if they aren't already. Next you have to wind the film on to the developing reel and put it in a developing tank.

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