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Atlantic Station: Paradise or Prison

            The idea behind Atlantic Station is to provide an environment with a live, work, play concept. Considered a model for smart growth, the project looks to provide middle income and up-scale homes for over 10,000 people, employment for 30,000 and shopping and entertainment with its restaurants, theaters, retailers and a $200 million dollar five million gallon aquarium. A 24-hour transit system is planned throughout Atlantic Station and connecting other downtown areas. The development of Atlantic Station enlists numerous partners to create and develop its three main sections: The District, The Commons and The Village.
             The District which is a planned area of business and entertainment is the financial core of Atlantic Station located parallel to the interstate. The Jacoby Development INC. is partnered to develop the site of the District into a valuable multi-use property able to sustain buildings of retail, office, hotel, and housing components, while AIG Global Real-Estate Investment Corp is actively involved in the retail and acquisition of the newly developed area. .
             The Commons located in the center of Atlantic Station is its most attractive area of urban neighborhood, consisting of apartment buildings, town homes and high rise condominium towers in close proximity to the retail section of the District. Located in the center is a new park and lake, a perfect area to be used for concerts and festivals. The partner responsible for the successful development of The Commons is The Lane Company, who has committed to build 1,150 mid rise apartments.
             Finally on the Westside is The Village whose main attraction in its center consists of the $200 million dollar, five million gallon aquarium. Surrounding the aquarium will be small retail shops, cafes, and residential units. The Beazer Homes USA partner will build many of the for sale single-family homes within the Village. .
             Atlantic Station comes across as a societal paradise as it will transform a barren abused land into a lush inner city full of life.

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